Deep learning for chatbots evening talk

We have a special evening talk coming up on January 4th at Ooosh Co-working Space in Causeway Bay.

Deep learning for chatbots: interactive dialogue systems in the browser

Deep learning has achieved breakthroughs in natural language processing and generation tasks. In this talk we will look at the potential and the limitations of seq2seq models for building open-domain chatbots with human-like traits, showcasing our most recent project, “a mean, grumpy, sarcastic chatbot in the browser”. The project was accepted as artwork in the online gallery at the NeurIPS 2018 Workshop Machine Learning for Creativity and Design. 

About Suzana

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Suzana is based in Tokyo and currently contracting with Google Japan as a Data Project Manager in Machine Intelligence: Natural Language Understanding. She is leading Machine Learning Tokyo, a community-based group of ML engineers and researchers with bi-weekly deep learning meetups and workshops and more than 1000 members.


101 King’s Road, Fortress Hill

There will be drinks and snacks provided

Entry fee $50

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