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If you're interested in participating by giving a talk, don't worry too much if we've touched on the subject before or you think you're not expert enough. New people join us every day and there are a lot of subjects warranting a revisit. Get in touch!

Real estate and blockchain

Date: July 10th 2019 @ 7:30 PM

Location: Ooosh Hong Kong

Guy FreemanGuy Freeman

How to value all residential homes in Hong Kong

You might think that building a valuation model using machine learning for almost 2 million flats in Hong Kong is hard... but not as hard to everything that comes before and after! Guy Freeman explains how a real-world data science project comes to fruition.

Alex SvanevikAlex Svanevik

Why blockchain is a data scientist's dream

Blockchain blockchain blockchain, it's everywhere. But behind the hype, blockchain is "just" a distributed database, which means, DATA. Alex takes us through why and how data scientists should rejoice in blockchain's data cornucopia.